#9 EROTICISM {fr # en} {info} {submissions}

Note: this issue evolved through time. The theme took a "diet" and got more wide in the same time. It needed to get out of any gender track. Now the call waits for texts, testimonies, poems, sounds, voices, ... For this ninth issue, we invite Arthur Gillet from Paris (France) to join the team of Make8elieve to select the works and build this web edition.
MAKE8ELIEVE accepts texts (fiction and non-fiction), audio. Anything you would like to submit will be considered.
Deadline for your submissions : April 1st, 2017
1. title of each piece
2. duration
FOR ALL Submissions (ART/WRITING/etc.)
must also include Your Information:
1. include your name as you'd like to be credited.
2. your email, your website, a portfolio URL... If you do not have a website it can be your GooglePlus, FaceBook page, blog/Tumblr, Flickr account, but there should be some way for people to contact you and see more of your work.
3. your country(ies)/state(s)
4. please send a 500 word or less artist statement. (optional)
5. please send a 300 word or less bio. (optional)
6. attach the files for submission (or email a link to a Dropbox) and email it to submissions@make8elieve.com
We are grateful for everyone's interest of our publication. Please understand that not everything submitted will be published. We will contact you with future submission opportunities.
Warmest regards,
Arthur # Michelle # Baptiste
MAKE8ELIEVE {art # culture magazine}